Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spy Thriller Stuff

I'm almost afraid of writing this post - in case it gets someone into trouble! In our church the services always have an opportunity for people from the congregation to share something that God has done in their lives in the past week.
On Sunday evening, one of our members who works for a human rights organisation told of his experience on Good Friday. He was in the DRC at the invitation of one of the universities. He was travelling with a Congolese colleague who was fairly provocative in his challenging of human rights abuses. As a result this guy was picked up by eight heavies from 'the DRC Intelligence' while in our church member's presence. About six hours later they came back for him. What happened is really like something out of a novel. I'll leave it to your imagination. But our member just says that God was with him because he was not physically assaulted. And they both got home safely.
We do need to pray for Africa!

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