Friday, May 23, 2008

Central Synod Experience

I am currently sitting in the synod of the Central District of the Methodist Church. Yesterday was d-day for my candidating journey. Those looking to be accepted into training for the ordained ministry needed to give their testimony and call to ministry for the 'last' time. Synod broke into small groups to hear us all more efficiently. It wasn't too stressful, in the end. I had a really supportive group and met some interesting characters. I was led to expect that there would be very few questions, if any. I don't think anyone told the committee that. However, they seemed happy with me and the actual synod voted me (and all the others) in. So now the next step is stationing and acceptance by the Methodist Conference. The odd thing is that I didn't feel anything. Not relief. Not excitement. Just nothing. I think I need a holiday!
My reactions to synod in general - well it is living up to expectations of not being very entertaining. Actually, it is perhaps less bad than I anticipated.
I have come to realise, though, in the last two days how cynical and pessimistic I have become. It's partly stress of trial this and that. Partly stress from the uncertainty about next year. Also some stress from my day to day work. I definitely need a break.
But I still very sure of what I am doing and I'm looking forward to next year. God is good.

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