Thursday, July 17, 2008

Living Ball

This is our interpreter, Charles, sharing the gospel message with a group of children. We were given these 'Living balls' - they have different colour panels which are used to explain the story of Jesus and salvation. Black for sin, red the blood of Jesus, white for clean hearts, green for continuing to grow. You've probably seen the formula before. I've never used the phrase 'washed in the blood of Jesus' before - but it just seemed to make sense to the people there in this context. How do we make our hearts clean? We wash them in the blood of Jesus.
The idea of the Living Ball is that you engage people in a game of soccer and then when a crowd has gathered you stop and explain the message. Afterwards, the ball is left with the community. Derek and I did most of the gospel-sharing on the first day. Then we encouraged Charles to do it and then members of the community. There was quite a feeling of pressure in that we were only there for a week. We had to get people to take real ownership of their faith and of evangelism as soon as possible.
But it is all in the power that God gives and I hope that they are continuing even now!


rebecca said...

i remember in sunday school doing something similar as a child. it was with balloons.


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Becky
Glad you're still around! Yes, I've seen it in a few guises. Balloons is a good idea for kids.