Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Using Evil for Good?

On Wednesday of our week in Mozambique, one of the village 'monitors' objected to our presence at Lucia's home. He said that we should move out of his area. We had, in our visiting, met with the Community Leader, his son and also the 'Secretary' - who had all given our work their blessing. So, our interpreter went off to tell them that we were having hassles. The people in the picture are from left, the Leader's son, the secretary and a teacher from the school. They arrived in response to our hassles. We were very much under scrutiny. After listening to us teaching for a few minutes the Secretary went off to the monitor's house and clearly told him to leave us alone. The Leader's son came to all our training after that and was chosen as one of the leaders of the new church. He is a very, very quiet man - but obviously intelligent and more highly educated than most people there.

We are grateful to the Monitor for trying to stir up trouble, because he caused some very influential people to be directly touched by the gospel.


Unknown said...

Hi Jenny, Am I grateful that you have experienced first hand mission work to the unreached that have not heard the gospel. Pity so many city slickets are hesitant to go. Kep going. Herman

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Ha ha. Nice account.

Steve Hayes said...

That sounds like the bad old says here, except that here the monitor wouldn't have made his presence known, and would have been known, in official circles, as "a sensitive source":, and in unofficial as a pimp.