Monday, August 04, 2008

Church is Fun

I arrived at Hlalanathi 'Methodist Church' yesterday and found the people in a good mood and just looking to having a good time. I was tired and I struggle with the Methodist liturgy - does it really touch the people? But we got going. We sang quite a few choruses, which feels more like worship to me. The congregation participated well in the sermon - and laughed at all the right places. The church is firmly there now. No longer do I arrive wondering if there will be a congregation. There were nine adults - ten counting me - and five children old enough to listen. Next hurdle - grow the church! But God has been good. Rev Vuyelwa and Lay preacher Khuthala have both had a positive impact on the place. Unfortunately, as happens in the Methodist Church, Vuyelwa only has this one year in that community. Next year - is wide open.


Unknown said...

The Challenge - I think the church of today still has to get to grips with the challenges that the informal areas present. How to progress to have "living in" evangelists working daily in the settlements. How to advance is the question? How to take the need in those areas and make it a pulpit call in the circuit. Let's talk about next year.

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day—- Joh_9:4

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Herman
Let's see whether the church sends us a phase 1 or someone else for Hlalanathi. We should know in October. I wish I had a realistic workable idea for combining your dreams and vision with the structure of the Methodist Church. Surely God will reveal something if we keep asking?