Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rhino and More

We landed in the Kruger Park this afternoon and have already seen some cool animals. Rhino and elephant in the road. A herd of buffalo near the road. Dwarf mongooses playing and even allowing themselves to be photographed. An owl in a tree. Warthog and giraffe close enough to count the hairs on their heads. Bushbuck, grey duikers, kudu, a gnu - all in a few hours.

Our problem is that it took us about an hour and a half to do the first 7km and then we needed to move smartly to get into camp before the gates shut. Tomorrow we can be as slow as we like! That's what holidays are for. And for realising how fast the children are growing up. And for just enjoying the company of family.

My daughter saw me on the computer and asked me if I was reading 'work emails'. I can't think of church stuff as work, it has always just been a way of life. I need to make that adjustment in my thinking though - because increasingly my kids see church as my 'work'. That is a real pity and I would have liked to avoid that. I hope that they can come to see church as primarily the community of Jesus' people and only secondarily the place where their mother works.

Now I am going to write one 'work' email, but then it's back to holiday mode!


Unknown said...

Enjoy the time out. I know hat you mean when family refer spoending time about church work. For us it is not an option but we need time out. You will enjoy 'Questions God Asks Us', by Trevor Hudson jts finished it. After a long while I posted a blog as I have not been doing any - a sermon on top of it.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Herman. I am enjoying Trevor Hudson's book. It is such an original way of looking at things - through the questions.