Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Goes Ballistic

Long, long ago - well in June 2007 to be exact - I wrote a blog post which mentioned that I told the story of Sleeping Beauty to my son. It also had a link to a picture of Sleeping Beauty. The popularity of that particular picture meant that my blog stats went crazy as people picked up my blog in searches for the picture. I was getting over a 100 hits a day. I took off the link to the picture and used an uploaded one instead, and slowly the number of hits decreased. (Very few people seemed to be actually reading the post). Now, all of a sudden, Google is returning that post when people search for Sleeping Beauty - and returning the old picture link even though it has been gone for ages! This happened for a week, then calmed down and now it is growing again. So my blog looks increasingly popular - thank to web accelerators that preload pages without people clicking on them. The link is now to the blog archive, so if people do go there, they are actually presented with my discussion on a theological paper written by Dr Dion! The link is here, if anyone is interested.

Could Google rule the world?


Steve Hayes said...

It's funny what attracts people to some blog posts. One takes great pains to write something, and hardly anyone reads it, but a quick post tossed off with a throw-away remark gets hundreds of readers.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steve
Thanks for the comment! Just wish the sleeping beauty folk were actually reading the blog post . . . I guess every now and then someone does . . .