Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So now it is official. I will be going to Shaw Memorial Church in Grahamstown next year. Well, at the end of this year. Now we can start seriously planning.
I love the thought of Grahamstown. A new place, a new way of being, new people to observe and learn from. But I think my husband is going to have a bit of a rough time being a single parent. I wish we could be together. The possibility is still there that we all move to Grahamstown, but I don't think it is very likely!


Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

Congratulations on your posting. Is it "official" as in having received a letter from the "powers that be", or still verbal?

I can't say that I have particularly fond memories of Grahamstown, but then again I only saw the army base. Friends of mine who have been down there for the Arts Festival tell me that it's an absolutely wonderful place.

At the moment I am driving my family berzerk, insisting that they check the post box daily in case "the letter" arrives. This is not too good for my nerves!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steven
It is official in that I heard it from EMMU over the phone. They were preparing the letters on Tuesday, so give it a chance!
Exciting isn't it?

Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

Shaw is a great place to learn about being a minister. God be with you.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Pete.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Hello Pastor,

Congratulations on the culmination of many years of effort. I ministered for ten years in Port Elizabeth, and was "consulent" minister of Zwelitsha Congregational Church, so I passed through Grahamstown many times. I also visited the Festival. I think I only went for the jazz. Doesn't Grahamstown have the highest density of Churches in Southern Africa? I think it's a great place to go, with the university crowd, the more affluent locals, and the township in close proximity. It opens up many possibilities for a Church. Depending who you inherit as your leadership! :-)

God bless you,

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hey Thomas
In terms of my life it is the culmination of many years of effort. In terms of my ministry it is but the baby steps towards ordination! The church where I am stationed is in the township and as far as I know I will be under another minister, so I think it will be very much 'fitting into the system'. But I am looking forward to new challenges.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I feel sure, thinking on previous posts, that God has been preparing you for this. Can't you go there NOW? Do we have to wait all that time for your posts on Grahamstown? ;-)