Monday, September 29, 2008

Technology in Church

Safely back from the Kruger Park and sort of wishing we were still there! I've read so many blog posts written by people who are struggling with reliable technology in church - and now I am one of them. Our church has a wonderful problem in that our building will not hold the number of people who want to come to the main morning service. While we wait for things to work out so that we can build, we are trying to maintain an overflow area and also a Cry Room. For both of these we need sound and video to be sent from the main sanctuary. What a mission, when it should be so easy!
So this week we had no sound to the Cry Room and we had to choose between video to the overflow or video to the cry room because only one power supply was working. Suppliers on the internet advertise this or that wonderful device - but when you actually want to get one they don't seem to exist.
However, people are using the overflow area and that does make it worthwhile. But what a painful process. I guess missionaries in days gone by braved wild animals and disease. Today we must brave technology and frustration!


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Jenny, We have close to zero technology in our Church, apart from light bulbs and microphones and an electric pump for the organ -- and (what else) a button that mobilises an armed squad. Apart from this, though, we bought a video transmitter for just R500 (Communica), and someone donated a big TV, and we transmit a picture to a large foyer at the back of the Church. Sound only required a tap from the existing speakers in the Church -- no more than twisting some wires together. Thomas.

Steve Hayes said...

I wonder how Jesus managed without a microphone :-)

The main technological gadget we have in our church is an electric kettle for the hot water for communion (The warmth of faith, full of the Holy Spirit).