Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Something Done

I have achieved something. I have submitted the first draft of the first chapter of my masters to my supervisor. It's actually chapter 3 (which I have completed first), but could constitute about a quarter of the the thesis (36 pages at the moment). I am not finding it easy to work on my masters. I get too focussed on it and then need to emerge to realise that life is carrying on around me. So then I put it aside completely. I somehow need to learn to operate with more 'focuses' in my life. And to work on the thing when I have time (like now!).
I wish that I could count on time next year, then I could work at a fairly relaxed pace, but I suspect that I will have too much on my plate with phase one probation. Which is also cool.
My thesis, in colloquial terms, is about how to make Christian community 'sticky'. It has a strong Biblical component because technically it is a Masters of Theology in the field of Biblical Studies, in the area of Practical Theology. I'm not sure, really, how that all fits together. Chapter 3 deals with worldviews encountered in South Africa and how these affect the expectations that people have of any form of community.
The word 'sticky' might make one think 'attractional' rather than 'missional', but that is not a foregone conclusion in the thesis!
I am not a natural academic, although I enjoy it very much. So I am pottering around in the dark, and I hope I actually get somewhere in the end!


Steve Hayes said...


It sounds interesting, though I'm not sure what sticky is... like flypaper, perhaps, lots of adherents?

rebecca said...




Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thank you for your congratulations. There is still a long road ahead! Steve, I'm also not too sure about sticky. But I guess we're looking at voluntary adherents - not ones caught in a trap. In the Methodist Church 'adherents' used to be people who came to the church, but chose not to be 'members'. We don't seem to have that category any more!

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Oh, well done on the submission. Please post on the response! Usually, that's interesting!