Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Church like Starbucks

I know I'm tired, but things like this video just depress me. Most of us in churches are actually just doing our best. I think God loves us anyway!


rebecca said...

I hope and I believe so, but it is a sure waste of money.


Steven Jones said...

When I watched this clip, my first reaction was "Ouch", because the cap unfortunately fits in so many areas.

The parts that struck me were where the couple just kept saying, "I just want coffee". I can imagine a lost and weary soul wandering into one of our churches, being bombarded with all the rituals and programmes, saying, "But I just want Jesus".

Whatever one thinks of clips such as this, I believe that it would do all of us good to look at our churches through the eyes of a first-time visitor from time to time - we may be shocked at how we actually begin to see what we do.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

This was well done. Oh my, it’s about everything that might be wrong with Church. What a disaster. But not far from what actually happens. It confirms my policy: no marketing, no programmes, no targets, no vision, no chasing people up, no nothin’.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Becky - yes some churches are way over the top. I agree.

Steven - I agree, the video does make us stop and think. But - it is not actually a fair comparison as Jesus is just a little more important than coffee!

Thomas - your approach is SO counter-intuitive, but I am beginning more and more to suspect that there is something in what you say!