Friday, November 14, 2008

Something New - Journals!

You can tell I'm not a 'real' academic. I've always wondered about these things called theological journals and haven't had the remotest idea what they looked like or how one obtained them. Now for my Master's thesis I require 25% of my bibliography entries to be from journals or periodicals. I also have been looking for a broad range of ideas on what Christian community looks like from a Christian point of view and I really hoped to get ideas across different denominations - which I thought would be really difficult, thinking 'books'.
Now I find that my college library has a reasonable collection of journals, indexed online so I can search at home, and that these journals range from pentecostal to evangelical to missions to youth to whatever. Both problems brought close to resolution!
Only problem is that journals stay in the library and can't be taken out. I have another four weeks before the library closes and thereafter I'm being shipped off to Grahamstown, so every spare moment is being spent in the library. Hopefully this morning is going to see much progress made.
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a Southern African Methodist theological journal?


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Would this help?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I found them when I did some googling. They're where you are doing your Masters aren't they? I will check the articles out. I'm not entirely confortable with people that only publish stuff that agrees with their beliefs. I mean, I wouldn't expect a Christian magazine to promote Satan worship, but I a bit of room to think and explore is good.
Thanks for the link!

Steve Hayes said...

Where are you doing your Masters?

Unisa has a big collection of journals, and registered students can order photocopies of articles they need.

Masters and Doctoral students can also get help from the librarians in compiling a bibliography, and they will search for articles relevant to your research topic.