Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kind of Spoilt

I've been driving a VW Citi Golf, about 13 years old. It has done well, but it leaks a bit in the rain and we can't always get parts for it (such as the winder mechanism for one of the rear windows). As I will be away next year, it seemed a good time to get a new car. God has been good to us and the money is there. I really wanted to get a Chevrolet Spark - but the top of the range model, which I wanted, has been unobtainable. After being promised that they would have one by such and such a date about three times and still no show, we decided we needed to do something else. So I now have a Honda Jazz. It is the bottom of the range but seems to have pretty much everything one could want. It is bigger than the Spark -which does make everyone happier (those who were worrying about me!), but obviously more expensive. R90 000 for a Spark, R142 000 for the Jazz.
I struggle within myself to spend money on cars. But I know that this car is likely to be more useful in the long run than the cheaper Spark, and will probably last longer too.
So . . . I am very happy . . . very blessed . . . and looking forward to the Eastern Cape highways.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

"the Easten Cape highways" ... in the fog? Did they tell you about the fog? I had a "consulent" ministry near Bisho, and would travel there from Port Elizabeth ... and the fog! I hope they gave you fog lights. Have you given "her" a name? How about "Holy Cow"?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

"Holy Cow"! Thomas - do you want me to never speak to you again! I have been anticipating some fog and yes there are fog lights. And if I need to enjoy fog to be happy there, then I will enjoy fog.
We don't really name cars - in fact we don't even possess cars - in the sense of mom's car or dad's car, because the bigger car is for when we are all together or whoever has the most kids with them. So 'my' car will be either 'The Honda' or 'The Jazz'. So functional, I know . . .

Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

I had my first taste of the fog Thomas is talking about when I visited Uitenhage about 2 weeks ago. Talk about "walking (driving?) by faith and not by sight"!

Seriously, though, congrats on the new car. I know that 142 grand is a fair chunk of change to spend on four wheels, but you probably made the better choice with the Jazz. They go well, are uber-reliable, have a good reputation for service, decent resale value, and will last forever. (Paul Verryn swears by Honda, and any vehicle that can handle nearly half-a-million kilometres of his "voet-in-die-hoek" driving style MUST be a good car!)

All you need now is a few decent choruses and/or hymns, and we can call you "The Jazz Singer".

See you in Jan.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Incidentally, "Holy Cow" is what the wife christened her own car (a Toyota RunX). This name caught on with the congregation very fast, and there have been many jokes. Mine, it's sometimes called "the Red Rocket". Red, yes, but who thought of "Rocket"? Maybe they've been too observant. I've thought of doing a comparison on my blog sometime between three wheels and four. I need hardly mention which is superior. :-)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thomas - I hate to tell you, but Rocket is probably a joke. I mean, how fast can it go?
The Spark would have had character - not as much as your pickup - but character. The Jazz is unfortunately tagged 'reliable' - useful, but boring. I hope it will develop some character in the next few months. Watch this space!

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Hello Jenny,

Are you denigrating my three-wheeler? ;-) You could have the whole of India up in arms.