Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Masters Update

I got the comments back from my supervisor on my two chapters so far. Constructive and encouraging, I think. I haven't worked through them in detail. I can see that the biggest 'problem' is that my material isn't presented as an argument - or not tightly so. That is partly because I am lazy (unfortunately I have to acknowledge that), but also because I'm not sure yet what I will be arguing in favour of. I am so enjoying having my mind opened in directions I would never have gone by the reading I am doing.
I am somewhat discouraged by the realisation that I will probably need three years to get my Masters done - at a level that satisfies me - and I may not have that three years, due to the Methodist Church taking ownership of - my education, my calling, my life? I do sometimes wonder what I am getting myself into.
On the other hand, I am enjoying the reading and writing for itself and no one can take what I learn away from me!

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