Thursday, December 18, 2008

Routine Addiction

I wouldn't have said that I was someone who likes routine. But I do struggle with holidays. On Monday I was willing to blog that I hate holidays. I felt withdrawal and frustration and boredom and loss and . . . However as my system adjusts I appreciate picking up old interests and having time to think about different things. Remembering how last Christmas I read Disgrace, The Other Side of Silence and The Whale Caller -South African books that I really enjoyed. So I went with the kids to the library today and got similar books. But it is like kicking a habit - slowing down and staying slowed down. I run from it - Christmas shopping, painting ceilings, all sorts of things around the house, but it is still different form the stress of everyday routine.
Perhaps harder because I know that I won't go back to my old routine. But easier because I am looking forward to the new. Harder because of the people that I will miss. Easier because I believe that I am on God's right path.
Going 'cold turkey' is no fun. But it is good to come out the other side. Now to stay there!

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