Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The whole family has got stuck in with general house maintenance these holidays. Scraping and painting and tiling. Then we decided to put up shelves along one whole wall in the lounge. We got buy-in from the kids and have spent the last two days pretty much solidly working at the project. It has been such a great experience. Every kid has been totally involved and we have worked together so well. The wood was precut (mostly), but there was sanding and varnishing to be done in preparation and then the actual construction. Kids operated the power drill and the orbital sander. Measured, painted and got stuck in. The eldest actually looked after the kitchen, in preference, and fed us last night and has practically prepared the whole meal for Christmas Day.
God has given me an awesome family. I will miss them next year, but I'm so glad to have seen them so constructively happy during these holidays. Not that they haven't played and messed around plenty as well - that was also good to see.

Happy Christmas to all who come by here! May Jesus be real to you in a special way.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Thanks for the good wishes. Have a blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year. All the best for Grahamstown!

Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

I'm a bit late as I didn't check e-mails and blogs yesterday, but I trust that your Christmas was a blessed one. Enjoy and cherish the last few days that you have with your family, before joining your "partners in crime" down in PE.