Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank You

Part of leaving my current areas of ministry is all the goodbye events. It has been quite - I think I want to use the word - breathtaking. I've been taking services at Summerfield Retirement Home for years - probably more than 10 years, actually. I've been doing pastoral visiting there this year as well. I took my last services there in November and I was really touched by their concern for me for next year. Hlalanathi Preaching Place included me in their farewell for Rev Vuyelwa and again I was touched by their care. I'm not good at these sort of things - emotional farewells, whatever. Funny things that one has to learn.
My own church, North Rand Methodist, blessed me by allowing me to preach at all three services one Sunday and by praying for me and my family at each service. It was a very special day.
Moving on is good. But it is also good to remember what has been. I'm not good at remembering! Another thing to learn - while I live in the present and the future.
Thank you everyone who has been there for me over the last three years at North Rand and surrounds.


Arthur said...

Hey Jen!

All the best for the coming year! You are embarking on an amazing journey and I admire your determination and strength as you have come to this point.
Your blog posts have kept me updated and I am certain that you will continue to reflect on this new chapter in your life in the coming year.

Please send our best wishes to the family!

Many blessings...

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Arthur
Good to hear from you. Glad you're reading my blog. I think next year will make for interesting posts!
Thanks for greetings, the family says 'hi'. All the best to you and yours (still two kids?).