Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inkonzo Yomnqophiso

So many impressions I cannot record them all. A man in a wheel chair, thin, twisted hands. Few teeth. Singing and smiling and participating in the church service wholeheartedly. A blind man - enormous smile. Some people complain that they do not have enough and make it everyone else's problem. Others are really in a bad way and they can know God in their lives. Those are the people who inspire me.
We did our second Covenant Service today (that's what the post title means). It was hot and tiring and I did not cope as well as I did last week.
But the people were great and it was good to see the other side of our circuit - the outlying societies (60km from Grahamstown). Proud people - perhaps having more pride than the people in town? Just an impression. The church building seemed better cared for. Pride is good when it makes one responsible!
Got back, got home (about 4pm) got a phone call to say, 'that meeting scheduled for 5pm - actually it's now' and went back to church. A Sunday School teachers' meeting. More impressions. More Xhosa that I couldn't follow - but if I don't learn from all of this I never will. So much that could be done in this place. So much potential. But we are still looking and waiting and understanding our context. It is better that way.

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