Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well, I am now in Grahamstown. The weather isn't great, but I'm staying in a cool flatlet, with cool hosts and all seems well. The circuit stewards came yesterday to greet me and give me some money to buy groceries. They were friendly - and know how to laugh. I'm ok with people if we can laugh together!
I'm going to the church service at Commem tomorrow - probably the first and only time I will get there. From the 11th, my Sundays will be dedicated to the Shaw Section of the Circuit.
We walked through the cathedral this morning - which we all enjoyed. We also went up to the 1820 Settlers Monument (I think). As quiet as can be, but a good view. Not that we knew where we were going - we were just driving around exploring. A cold, wet and misty view, but it was good.
The family is struggling a bit with adjustment, but I'm happier now that I can begin to see my world for this year!

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