Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Methodist Organisations

This is a 'touchstone post'! The workings of the Organisations (capital O) within the Methodist Church touch on my Masters Thesis and the environment in which I am working now. So what are the organisations?
For most Methodist Churches in South Africa, whose membership is predominantly 'black', the Organisations are the 'being' of the church. I will expand on that in later posts. The main Organisations are: The men's groups called the 'Young Men's Guild', YMG or 'Amadodana'. The women's groups are the Women's Manyano and Young Women's Manyano, for married and unmarried women respectively. The Young People belong to the Wesley Guild - although there is no age limit and people do not leave the guild to join the 'grown up' organisations. There are also the 'Preachers', the Choir and sometimes others. These all wear uniforms and are the cause of the distinctive red, white and black that we see walking to church on Sunday mornings.
More later!

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