Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phase 1 Programme

Today was our introduction to the Phase 1 programme of the Methodist ministers training system. I got photos last year showing a venue surrounded by green lawns, looking so chill. This year we are in a venue surrounded by blocks of flats and I'm not sure what else. Our bedroom window overlooks somebody's refuse pile! But then, it isn't intended to be a holiday resort, so I won't complain too loud.
The people are great. Everything seems to be organised and happening. Although there has been a bit of a panic about getting the new venue ready for us - one shower for eleven of us and that is not yet functional. But friendly people go a long way in helping to accept a less than perfect situation.
There are things I struggle with - I don't do uniforms well (clerical clothes are like a uniform) and my introvertness battles with people on top of me.
Yikes supper time!

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