Friday, January 09, 2009

Trying to Be Patient!!

Today my family heads back to the big and busy city of Johannesburg. They have enjoyed and like Grahamstown. If it wasn't so complicated with jobs and schools they would stay here with me with no second thoughts! I am really extremely blessed to be in such a good post. My new home is comfortable - if a little small for the five of us that are here at the moment! I will miss my family, but I'm also glad that they are going back as my second daughter has been on camp for the last week and things don't feel right with her missing. At least they will be all together in Joburg.
I met with my superintendent, Rev James Headbush, yesterday. Everything was cool. I like him. I like Rev Mathiti with whom I will be working. But now I am impatient! I want things to get going. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Next week the Phase 1 training programme begins - I suspect that when I know how much work that entails I will wish to be back in these days of not much to do. Also the circuit work is going to start slowly as Rev Mathiti needs to get a handle on how things work in the Shaw Section of this circuit. I need to get inspired about my Masters, but that has got to come at lower priority than my actual work! So I am afraid to get too much into it at this stage.
However, for good and for bad, time passes. Tuesday will come. Things will happen. If nothing else this whole process is going to teach me to trust God and to truly follow him (not charge ahead and see if he is coming with me)!

Things look very good for 2009!

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