Sunday, February 08, 2009


Cows and donkeys on the pavements are standard for Grahamstown. Goats and dogs in the townships. Sheep on the way to Alicedale. And today going to Riebeeck East we drove through a game farm - on the public road, no gates, only a cattle grid. And I saw bushbuck, impala, bontebok, kudu, wildebeest and lots of warthogs. And probably others I've forgotten. That was such an unexpected surprise.
I wasn't looking forward to today - Rev Mathiti and I have been going out together because that was how it was planned by last year's ministers. It has been good to see how things work, and although I feel like I tag along Rev Mathiti always involves me extensively in the services, but I am starting to get frustrated. It's not just about Sundays -circuit work in general is slow. I don't want to complain - it is still early days. I just feel the frustration leading to cynicism and need to deal with it.
So - if I just go with the flow, I may get bored, will probably be mildly productive and will stay out of trouble. If I start trying to make something happen - some small thing - I could be interested, more productive, but also in line for pain and tears.
I'll wait a little longer before making that call. No doubt God will give me a push when the time is right. (And maybe I'm a bit scared).
Trust God - easier said than done.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny:
As someone who went thru' Phase One as a Probationer, and then last year as a Phase One Convenor, my advice to you is to remember that you are only there for one year. And the people know it. In multiple Phase One stations, the people tend to become a little jaded at attempts to do a new thing, for they know that new things come and go with each minister each year. So don't set your sights too high i.t.o. 'shaking things up'. Seek to work within the current system as best you can; make small improvements and innovations here and there; and look forward with excited anticipation to the day when you will be in a station for a long enough period to be able to effect lasting change. Hope this advice doesn't leave you feeling too deflated! Thanks for your blog.
Ian France

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Ian
Thanks for your comment! No you haven't left me deflated - I've been telling myself again and again what you are saying and I know it's true. But it's good to be reminded from someone who's been there!
You have encouraged me - I will be patient. Thanks.