Monday, February 23, 2009

For Thomas - who cares about cows

These cows seem to be shopping for cars! This is on one of the main streets in the centre of Grahamstown. The photo appeared in the local newspaper, Grocott's Mail, Friday 20 Feb, taken by Andrew Slaughter.
It's for Thomas because he asked about the cows in a comment on a previous post! Hope you like them.


Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

It's your day off, and you're blogging about COWS? You need to get out more! The weather here in Uitenhage is PERFECT for the beach (if we had one - still, paradise is only 40km away...)

Jenny Hillebrand said...

The weather here was perfect - but has sudenly blown up cold and I suspect misty! Probably better in Kenton. I've been working and might have to more - against my deepest convictions about days off. 500 words on my Masters and if they haven't phoned I'm off to the beach.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Mr. Slaughter takes photos of cows? I'd keep an eye on those cows if they were mine.

P.S. Do you have a counter in reserve which says "[...] days until I send my family packing again"?

Steven Jones said...

Jen - enjoy the beach (if you decide to go).

Thomas - My, my, we ARE cynical, aren' we? A kindred spirit to both Jen and I :-)