Tuesday, February 03, 2009


When I talk about Methodist Organisations I want to focus on the Wesley Guild - because I am now gaining first hand knowledge through my involvement with them. However, I think what I have seen applies to other organisations too.
They like to have meetings. Meetings which consist of devotions (which can vary in length) and business. Most of the business seems to be about future meetings or gatherings and to some extent about fund raising. The thing is that they are conducted with great formality, with the chairperson, secretary and other important people sitting at a table in front. The members of the meeting sit in rows. Protocol is very important. Each speaker greets the whole meeting, starting with the ministers, going on to executive members, members of other organisations who may be present and all the way down to the Sunday School, if children are present.
Meetings can be very long and people are given every opportunity to speak.
The Methodist Church is divided in to Districts, Circuits and Societies (individual churches). In Grahamstown they have grouped the Circuits into Regions. Each of these levels has an executive committee of each organisation. Each executive has a regular meeting. There are also circuit council meetings, district conventions and others, which involve a larger group of people.
As a minister, one can end up going to a lot of meetings!

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Steven Jones said...

Meetings are gabfests that go on for hours to produce a result called minutes!