Friday, February 27, 2009

Organisation Structure

I am quite confused about the way the leadership of the Methodist Organisations is structured. I can only speak for the Wesley Guild in the Grahamstown Circuit, but I presume that they are all similar. The Minister is automatically the president of the organisation and, I think, of all its committees. I am sort of a deputy minister in the church here and I have the role of 'co-ordinator', which means - well, I'm not actually sure. But in practice I stand in for the 'chief' minister.

Each society (individual Methodist Church) elects a committee consisting of a vice president, general secretary, treasurer, recording secretary, and four programme convenors. The 'vice' is a very important person, as usually the minister is not able to attend all organisation meetings and functions. Now, each circuit (group of Methodist Societies) also elects a committee. However, there is no overlap. I would see sense in a representative of each society being on the circuit committee. But no, the circuit committee consists of people not on any of the society committees. I'm not sure which is elected first. Then we have regions (group of Methodist Circuits - not always found in the MCSA). The region elects a committee on the same basis. Presumably the District does the same.

I'm trying to get a handle on how this works. The Ciruit Executive cannot speak for the societies as they have no intentional representation. They cannot feed information down easily on the same basis. The Circuits and Regions almost compete with the societies in planning events and doing fund raising - this was noted by the Wesley Guild meeting last night of its own accord. Representative hierarchical committees do mean more meetings for the unlucky chosen few, but it seems to me that there would be more value in that sort of structure. I guess I still have something to discover.


Steven Jones said...

I have a similar issue with the YMG. Tell you what - you find out what you can, and I'll find out what I can, and then we'll compare notes (a bit like the blind leading the blind, perhaps?)

In fact, I have a better idea. Why don't we collaborate on a book (a la Wessel and Dion). I already have a working title: "A whitey's guide to understanding the MCSA Organisations"


Jenny Hillebrand said...

So, does the YMG in Uitenhage have the same structure? Although, I think I remember - you only have one society in the circuit that has YMG? So they wouldn't need all the committees?