Friday, March 27, 2009

Family, rest and perspective

I must admit that by the time my weekend off came, I was looking forward to the time off as much as I was to seeing my family. Ministry in my setting is pretty unrelenting and it is hard to get enough time to be refreshed. Especially being away from home. Now, after two nights at home, I am still tired, but feeling stronger.
It is cool to be with my husband and kids - although I sort of miss having time when I can work uninterrupted. I knew that was a trade-off. I would choose my family though.
Oddly enough, my perspective on life hasn't changed much for being at home. I think that is good, because it means that I was settled enough in Grahamstown to start seeing things clearly. In other words, I can trust the decisions I make - I'm not under pressure from the unfamiliar or difficult circumstances. There were times in the early days when I was changing my mind about things by the hour. I knew that I could not trust myself! Not that this makes the decisions I need to make any easier!
I am so glad that we are all going down to Grahamstown together on Monday. I'm not sure if I could leave them so soon! The family will return to Jhb just before Easter.

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Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I thought of some alternative names for your blog:

Carpenter's Blues
Carpenter's Pews
Carpenter Stews

(Carpenter's Views is too bland).