Monday, March 16, 2009

Feeling Anarchical

I think I've got this kind of min dae, holidays coming up syndrome. I don't want to focus and I just want the next ten days to disappear. I certainly don't feel like thinking of politically correct things to put on my blog!
I am looking forward to going up to Jhb. But I am also afraid of the changes that the last two months will have made to all of us. How will I relate to people? And I am afraid of what it is going to be like having to let go again.
I went to the Anglican cathedral last night. The Methodist Church, in its wisdom, feels that I need to do a basic preaching course and part of that is attending worship in two churches outside of your own denomination. I enjoyed the slightly different service - but it really could have been a Methodist church. And being back in a vaguely contemporary context was really nice. Unfortunately, it also reminded me of how much I am missing that context!
Where is God calling me? Do I have the courage to go?


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

We always suspected you were an anarchist. Now we know. Just don't let the authorities get wind of this!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Ja well. I wrote quite a lot more in this post and then deleted it!