Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Group Dynamics

One of the things that made me feel ok about doing undergrad stuff at Phase 1 college was the thought of the group interaction. All of my theological studies have been done by correspondence. After the first year of my degree the college phoned me and asked me if I wouldn't consider coming to the college full time (rather than correspondence). I couldn't, because my kids were small, but I asked why. So that I could get the benefit of the group dynamic and discussion. I was such a loner then, that I had to really get my mind around the thought of the benefit of that process. Since then I have kind of missed it. Bible Studies and that are fine, but there is something cool about theology discussions with a peer group.
And I am enjoying it. Every now and again something really hits me from what someone says and it is cool. Unfortunately, there is a lot that passes between insights and I would not like to make it an ongoing part of my life. But those occasional moments of growth, confirmation or insight are very valuable.

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