Monday, March 23, 2009

John and Postcolonialism

That's a book that I have out of the library at the moment for my Master's dissertation. I have two exegeses from the gospel of John in the dissertation. This book is one of those that grabs hold of something in me. In many ways it is critical of Christianity. In some ways it might be seen as 'a big moan'. It is a collection of writings by and about people who seem to have experienced marginilisation in one way or another. I haven't had time to read much at all - just the chapters that are relevant to the exegeses.
The one, by Zipporah Glass, takes a negative view of the John 15 metaphor of the vine, saying that although it seems to promote an option of inclusivity for all, it actually just develops new categories of who is 'in' and who is 'out'. What she doesn't seem to understand is the position developed by Tat-siong Benny Liew, that this community of Jesus is a community of 'consent' not of 'descent'. In other words every person is free to choose to belong to Jesus' community - you are not forced in or out of it by inherited factors such as the colour of your skin or your cultural background.
I wish I had the sort of brain that can take in all of this stuff and save it later for processing! Although I'd love to take the time to read and absorb and process this book - even if I disagree with much of it, but because it speaks of a certain cry of a certain type of heart - I just don't have the time or mental capacity to deal with this, phase 1 studies, a whole new context in which to work and dealing with absence of my family. Also I am plain lazy.
The book is edited by Musa W Dube and Jeffrey L Staley.


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