Monday, March 09, 2009

Surfing Crazy

Ok, I did it. I bought a surfboard and even took it into the sea. Very cool indeed. This is what I learnt.
1. The starting point of surfing is to get balanced laterally on the board. So don't do it when there are big cross currents. (But it wasn't going to stop me today!)
2. You can go really fast on even small waves.
3. It's addictive - just one more ride in, no just one more . . .
No I didn't get to stand on the board - the surf was way too unstable and I've never done this before.
The weather was absolutely beautiful - and to think that I nearly stayed in cold Grahamstown and worked on my computer! I ended up preparing most of a sermon in the car overlooking the beach.
Can't wait for next Monday!


Hazel nut said...

It's amazing how many sermons are written in your head in the car

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Hazel - nice to meet you on the blog. Thanks for visiting. You must know how I struggled with that sermon. I had to preach on the lectionary and I could see very little relationship amongst the three readings. But I wrestled them to the ground eventually.
I felt very blessed to be sitting watching the sea, even if I was technically working on my day off!