Saturday, March 21, 2009


I quite enjoy problem-solving. But here in Grahamstown I am finding it quite a challenge. First problem: Find myself in the new situation. Which way is up? Where is the solid ground? I'm ok with that one. It took a while, but I'm ok. Grounded on, like Paul, being determined to preach Christ and him crucified.
Now the Wesley Guild. Study the situation. Look at what is happening. What is relevant? What can we ignore for now? Can we dig deep enough to find solid ground? Can we find that which is good and true and valuable and build from there? Or is the whole organisation, here in Grahamstown, floating with no sense of purpose whatsoever? Is its existence simply in order to sustain itself (like the organisation I knew that raised money to print a brochure to show that the money raised had been used to print the brochure). I think it does, only just, exist to sustain itself - with ever complicating convolutions of dependence. Talk about 'systems theory'. It's like trying to apply it to a Mobius strip.
Trying to sort out our churches within civic society. Pay our water accounts. Find out which land we own. The church has no records. The accounts aren't paid. Dig deeper. Visit municipality. Meters are not being read. They just charge an 'average' based on who knows what. We have six churches in the township. They are all charged different amounts for refuse removal and sewer connection. Two are not charged at all, but one of these is charged for 'average' water usage. I managed to read one meter. At another church there is no meter to be found. Do we actually own this land? Go to the deeds office. Can't find anything for the Grahamstown township. Not based on the erf numbers on the water accounts. Not based on ownership by the Methodist Church. I can't dig any deeper. I can't solve the municipal problems or that of title deeds. All swamp. No solid ground.


Hazel nut said...

wow what a mess looks like only God knows what is going on there. Don't burn out trying to solve everything.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I'm learning to take a really laid back attitude to certain things!