Friday, March 06, 2009

Things are looking good

I had a good meeting with my superintendent yesterday morning. I was able to speak to him about specific issues and struggles that I am having - which I see as a product of the cross-cultural context. I was amazed at how well he understood - far better than I expected - and that helped so much.
On the other hand, he wants me to continue as I am going (which is affirming, I'm doing the right thing), but I am afraid that I will continue to experience stress from the situation. But I think that the knowledge that he is supporting me will help with the stress. And as I become more familiar with the culture and the people it helps. I also have to unlearn some of the stuff I learned to cope with my situation last year!
At the end of the day - this is something that a minister has to deal with every time he or she goes to a new station. So I'd better learn to do it!
I feel very much more positive and somewhat more in control of my own life.

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