Friday, March 13, 2009

Two type of old

I did two things quite different from each other yesterday (amongst other things!). The first was my first session of 'communion for the elderly'. That is going from house to house taking communion to the housebound. I had been warned that this is arduous. And by some people that it is unsatisfying because of the in and out nature of the visit. I did find it long - I guess we were at it for just over three hours. But I also found it meaningful - more so than a lot of what I do. Being a Christian is about showing Jesus' love and I felt I could do that. The people really appreciated the visits and I believe were touched by Jesus himself in that time. I couldn't do it all day every day. It is not my strength. But I do not resent doing it at all.
The other thing I did was to search the deeds registry and surveyor general information to try to track down title deeds for our properties in Grahamstown. That was quite interesting - although unhelpful to my specific task. There are three properties listed to the MCSA in Grahamstown - I'm not sure which they are. But the survey diagrams date back to the 1850's. Some of the land was originally granted to a Lt Armstrong in 1821. He obviously then decided to split it up and start selling it off. It belonged to the Methodist Church by 1901 when it was entered in the Deeds Registry. To position the erfs in Grahamstown, one has to work by such unhelpful descriptions as 'there is a street here' and 'there is a small stream at the bottom'.
Anyway, a day of two sorts of olds, which was interesting. (And this is my 201st post!)

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