Monday, April 06, 2009


I get quite frustrated with the Phase 1 training programme at times. But I have to admit that I am learning things. Those things that you have to experience yourself - you just can't learn them from a book (or college!)

I'm working with a group of AIDS caregivers in the township. They asked me to help them incorporate Bible teaching into their support groups for 'orphans and vulnerable children'. I have done two sessions with them, teaching them to communicate two parables to the kids. To my surprise the teaching has impacted them personally and they are being challenged to pick up Christian lives that have fallen away. God is good - because I didn't think of what I am doing as 'evangelism'!

This last week I have had three meetings cancelled and have been surrounded by general disorganisation. I don't like this, but it helps to learn to just let things go. But I will never choose to work in this sort of environment.

We had our circuit quarterly meeting on Saturday afternoon (three hours!) I was so angry with some of the stuff that happened there. But I came to realise that people are simply uneducated about church process and are ignorant - although their behaviour comes across as destructive. If the people are to have a significant voice in church proceedings they must be taught how the systems work. Or the leader must keep quite a tight reign on the discussions. Although I was angry, I now have a whole bunch more insights into leading that sort of meeting.

I have also managed to spend so much time with my husband and kids! I anticipated a bit of stress because I would be working while they were on holiday, but things have turned out very well. We've been surfing, canoeing and exploring on the beach - while I have kept up my study, circuit and personal commitments. God is enormously kind to me.

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