Friday, April 24, 2009

Mighty Men

I have mixed feelings about the Mighty Men Conferences. I only realised today that it is happening this weekend. I guess the Grahamstown township is really out in the sticks. What do I feel? Sort of a resentment.
I suppose the obvious reason for feeling this would be because I'm excluded from the event.
But, actually, I wouldn't want to go anyway. Would I? I can't tell. Maybe it's sour grapes.
Part of me enjoys the feeling of comradery that can come from a big get together. But I am too much of an introvert for that comradery to come easily. I guess I'm jealous of people who can experience it.
The Methodist Young Men's Guild in the Grahamstown District are having their Convention this weekend. I watched our guys leave. They packed up their minibus and trailer with all the joy and excitement of teenagers going on holiday. I can imagine them in their black, red and gray, with their sticks and their songs and their dancing having a mega-jol. I think I could join them - in spite of my femaleness - because I am a minister. Hmm. But then again, there's a lot of preaching. Maybe not.

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