Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I emailed a first draft of about 75 pages to my Masters supervisor yesterday. I have about 50 pages that I submitted last year that I must now rework. There are two chapters which still need to be written properly and submitted for the first time. And then some sort of intelligent sounding (hopefully) conclusion. I know that the work I have done is very rough - and I'm already thinking of ways to improve what I submitted yesterday. But I'm starting to believe that I might actually complete a markable dissertation. I am, however, somewhat anxious to hear my supervisor's comments.
Today is more studying, but it's for Methodist College. A whole two days to work by myself without the interruption of tutorials! And I also still have a synod exegesis to complete. I keep saying that I'm not an academic, but I have to admit that I enjoy this. Maybe I should go and work in a college and forget this 'ministry' stuff. It's an option to bear in mind!

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