Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today took a church service in my work context for the first time since Easter. I am struggling with lack of preaching and with lack of continuity! But I enjoyed today. I was at Alicedale, which was where I led some Easter services so I am starting to know some of the people. There was a mix up with circuit stewards which meant that I went alone. That was great, because I could talk directly to the Alicedale stewards without feeling I needed to use an intermediary. I felt like a human being not a MINISTER. The congregation was pretty elderly and I did not feel like my sermon really worked. But I think God used it.
Now I have to preach again tonight, using the same sermon. Should I change it? Panic!

By the way, I have been preaching - my trial service for instance, and another service in an English context and funerals - but I'd almost forgotten how to do the communion service, it's been so long.

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