Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Convincing the Boss

I tend to overflow with ideas. Especially after a holiday! Now I am asking myself why I don't put my ideas into practice in 'my church'. Just one. My boss is not negative or obstructive.
Part of the reason is that my schemes tend to be complex and I don't willingly want to share the whole thing with someone else. If I am the boss, I have no trouble communicating the vision and leading the thing along. But if I have to convince the boss first I tend to give up. Why? From experience, it is difficult to make him/her understand. Years ago, I used to be too unassertive and I know that this wasn't helpful. Now I am more self-confident, which at least removes that element of confusion, but I am still afraid to try.
I guess that if I can't communicate my vision to my boss it is my fault. This is something I need to work on - and have tried very hard to get right over the last few years! So, I'll take up the challenge again now.

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Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

When I was still a corporate slave, I found that when it came to implementing new ideas, "communicating with the boss" was a vital first step. It forced me to collate my thoughts into a coherent pattern. The theory was that if I could understand what I wanted to do, and could make my boss understand what I wanted to do, the chances of actually getting that thing done were excellent.

See your dilemma as an opportunity to develop a method of simplifying your ideas into bite-sized, implementable chunks, rather than a stifling deterrent of new ideas.

Finally, give yourself some credit - many of your ideas are great!