Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Exegesis Exam

So we all passed our synod orals, otherwise known as exegesis exam. I was a bit stressed at the start of our discussion group, but it was ok. Actually I enjoyed most of the discussion. I like it when I wake up the next morning and thoughts are still growing out of things that were said. That, for me, is the best way of learning.

I've become quite unsure as to whether my theology isn't actually too conservative for the Methodist Church. This doesn't really relate to the exegesis exam, but rather my thoughts over the last few days. I'm starting to question whether I should look at another denomination. (Questions are good, because they make you look for answers!)

I'm actually discouraged at the lack of theological debate in the Methodist Church. I think that I've been vaguely hoping that suddenly something will open up and I will realise that in this place serious discussion is happening. Not that people don't argue or disagree, but I don't see rigorous theological exploration.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. What is the two-eyed man? An aberration? A threat? A one-eyed man with delusions of grandeur or an attitude problem?
How should the two-eyed man be treated? He should be chased away? Have an eye put out? Be made king? Worshiped? Crucified?
Where am I in the story?

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