Friday, May 29, 2009

More Synod Comments

I feel a lot more positive about synod today than yesterday. Some of it was a bit slow and I admit to typing song words into powerpoint during some of the sessions. Keeps me busy but I can still listen.
I am interested by the emphasis on race in some of the discussions. I know I am a bit afraid of being sidelined because I am white, but I don't think I am oversensitive. The race issues need to be dealt with - and perhaps they are. But the reality is that the Methodist Church has two distinct ways of doing church and the two don't mix. It seems like we're always pretending that we do things the same way and that we have the same issues. It isn't really a matter of race, but rather a preference of tradition. There are black people involved in both ways of doing church, but white people in only one of the ways.
Still, the atmosphere of synod was friendly, which I appreciate.

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