Friday, May 01, 2009

Not so bad!

I called phase 1 'hard and dry', or something like that, in a previous post. Is it really? Did I just have a bad day? People are very, very kind to me. Almost without exception. I could not ask for more. I feel needed by the church where I am serving. I am learning. I have space for my personal interests (some space!). There are almost too many people that I can talk to if I need help. I have enough money. I am not afraid of anything. I get on very well with the people that I work with.
I think there are two things. The one is the absence of my family. The unconditional love that one experiences in a family just feeds something in one's soul.
The other is space to dream. I probably need to be patient. And maybe learn to be less tentative.

I started a book blog. It will be low profile. But if anyone is interested the link is here. It is more for writing about reading than for reading! If anyone wants to record their reading on it, let me know.

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