Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I can't think about much else other than that I am going home this afternoon or tonight. I've held the feeling at bay. Counted the days. But from yesterday I just couldn't focus on anything else. I want to say that all else is overshadowed - but it's not a shadow that is cast by any means. So may I say that all else is overlit by the thought of going home?

Yesterday and today are college days. We, as students, have started praying together on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings. I think these will be the times that we all remember when we leave phase 1. I can start to say it is all about Jesus at those times.

Here is a question: If Jesus had a church in your town, would your church be bigger? I haven't followed the link but that is a leader to here.

I need to cut the word 'really' out of my writing. I've deleted it three times from this post!

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