Friday, May 22, 2009


We read from Ezekiel 34 at college on Wednesday. It talks about God's anger with the shepherds of Israel who ruled over the sheep harshly. It's a good challenge to a bunch of new ministers. But at the moment I am too afraid that I am going to be a sheep that can't handle the uncaring shepherds!
Not the people immediately around me - they are great. It's the people I don't know, who somehow rule my destiny, that are stressing me.
When is perseverance a virtue and when is it sheer stupidity?
I need to ask these questions - there are glimmers of light. I want to believe. I want it to work out.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Dear Dr. Hillebrand. Oops, I'm being premature. Another problem is the wolves in the Church when you are the shepherd. Phew. Maybe there's a better word than perseverance? Patience? Gladness?? Fortitiude? Disregard?? "Fortitude" reminds me of "fortified" ... but that's another story!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks! Somehow I need to see it differently, you are right. You've made me think- and what I think - is not to see this experience as a test of call (which is how it is billed) but as a test of character. What does the Bible say about feeble knees? I think I've got them.

Steven Jones said...

Hi Jen

I hope you are enjoying your time with your family. Cherish those moments. Had a "snot en trane" call with my wife last night - we wish we were you right now!

I asked Bill a similar question the other day. When will our Church wake up and give us some answers? Whose cage can I rattle? His answer: "Patience". Not the answer I wanted to hear, but perhaps the answer I NEEDED to hear.

It will all work out for us in the end. And whether we end up going to SMMS or not, I'm sure that God has a plan. If He called us, He will surely use us wherever we go. Sometimes we just need to convince ourselves...


Jenny Hillebrand said...

Good for Bill.