Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Looking Good

I think I am really starting to find my feet. I got through a busy day yesterday without ending with a major headache. I'm starting to feel that I might make a contribution to the circuit. Although as certain things come right, other interesting aspects appear. Today also looks moderately busy. There is a meeting planned for tonight that I am looking forward to - because from an admin and finance side it could really lead us forward. But we've stop-started a bit on this and I don't know if the people will come.
Maybe I feel good because I'm seeing my family in less than a week. Or because I had a double dose of multi-vitamins yesterday (Modern). Or I feel better because God has decided that he will bless me today (Pre-Modern). Or I feel good because I have taken control of my life and started to believe in myself again (Existentialist). Not sure how to put a post-modern slant on it.

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