Saturday, May 30, 2009

Synod 3

I think I quite enjoyed synod. Maybe this is a sign that I have finally lost contact with reality. But, actually, it wasn't so bad.
I didn't agree with everything that happened. I didn't like every attitude that I saw. But, on the whole, I think that the spirit that prevailed was healthy and Christian. I can start to believe that the 'system' does work.
I enjoyed the balance between worship, Bible study, social (food) and business. I enjoyed the people. I felt that we engaged with the business and that, in general, it was worth engaging with.
Something in me hit a new level of maturity as I wrestled with the grey areas of life. Do I dislike people with whom I disagree? Sometimes I seem to. What happens if I agree with them in some areas and not in others? I need to listen even more carefully to people, to really understand what they are saying or thinking.
Of course, the beach and the sea were also pretty good - although there was not much time and the weather became wintry!

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