Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vulnerability 2

Following on from yesterday's post about vulnerability and preaching (and it also applies to blogging!). There are two difficulties in being vulnerable.
The one is that people tend to feel sorry for you. That can be a bad thing if it clouds the message. And we are told not to create an environment where people feel sorry for you. I am realising that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Let people feel. I don't like to be pitied, but I do like to be understood. If you are in a relationship with the people to whom you are preaching, they will soon stop feeling sorry for you. Also, they might share your struggles and hopefully be encouraged in their own journeys.
The other difficulty is the potential for glorying in our own weakness. If we dwell on the wrong that we have done in the past it becomes something that puts us in the centre instead of Jesus. Admit it, but never stop feeling the disgrace of letting Jesus down. That is different to guilt - we are forgiven from whatever we have done - but that doesn't mean that it was ok. Forgiveness should lead to humility and love for Jesus and not arrogance!
There is quite a fine line to tread here, but I think it is worth treading, even if I make mistakes sometimes.

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