Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Facebook and Gmail

Sometimes the internet is a bit creepy. I've had a recommendation of someone come up as a friend of Facebook occasionally. It's struck me as odd, because although I know him, I didn't think that any of my Facebook friends knew him. So yesterday I paged through his friends to see who it could be. People I know, but none of my 'friends' are his 'friends'.
Then it struck me that he and I both have gmail accounts and because I have emailed him from the web interface gmail has set him up as some sort of contact of mine on the gmail page.
Is Facebook picking this up from gmail? I know that Facebook is wide open and nothing is safe. I know that gmail saves all by emails - but I thought there was some basic privacy! It could be that there is another connection.
One of the Methodist ministers on Facebook had his account hacked and pornographic emails were sent in his name.
I guess it's just a reminder to be very careful what you put on the web!


Steve Hayes said...

I've noticed the same thing recently.

Two people I knew, but did not know were on Facebook, were recommended as friends.

But I think that was becuse I once uploaded my gmail addresses to Facebook to find people who were on Facebook, so it may have remembered those for when some of those people joined later.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

It's creepy, Steve. Since you commented here Facebook has been suggesting you as a friend! That could only be through blogger or some other blog community!