Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Time Again

Today my husband and kids leave Joburg to make the two day trip down to Grahamstown. Well, three of the kids - the fourth is with me already. It has only been four or five weeks since I saw them for a weekend, but it feels like forever.
And it is like an addiction. It is getting to be that the time is never enough. They will be with me for two weeks, but my dominant feeling is that I want it to be always. These visits are not enough.
I have wished away a few years in my life. I hope that this will be the last one. But I have learnt how much I need to be with my family and I think that we all have a new appreciation for each other - not that I think anyone ever felt unappreciated!
They go back in the middle of July. I'll fly up for weekends in August and October and then at the end of November . . . phase 1 is finished!

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