Monday, June 08, 2009

Kid 4

In response to Steve H, this is Darien. He is my fourth child, turning 11 in July and spending several weeks with me in Grahamstown. He has settled in well. He is homeschooled, which allows us the flexibility to move him around. He went to pre-school, but has never been to 'real' school. My other kids were also homeschooled for most of their primary school years and none of us regret it.
My eldest daughter has been helping with the homeschooling since I have been separated from my family - and she seems to have done a good job. But the reason that homeschooling really works for us is that it encourages a genuine love of learning in the kids and they become self-motivated. Especially in primary school, as long as they are learning maths and languages the child is free to read about whatever interests them and do and make and experiment to their hearts' content!
Because of my somewhat unpredictable circumstances Darien has been doing a more formal system which includes exams. This takes away some of the flexibility - but we have to face the fact that he will probably have to go to 'real' school next year.
He comes across as shy and quiet, but once you get to know him he is as necessarily monstrous as any ten year old!


Steve Hayes said...

Thanks for that -- interesting picture! It looks like a science-fiction movie set!

I would imagine homeschooling four kids would be a full-time job!

Thomas Scarborough said...

Hello Darien, I was part hom-skuld an I wuz neva the werse four it! I hope you has a good ticha.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Steve, the picture is on a pedestrian bridge. Homeschoolingg all four of them was great. But I did get tired of it and the motivation flagged.
Thomas - I don't know if it is good for him or not, but he is reading about ten books a week. He should be learning something. He also seems to have mastered the basics (like spelling!)